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The DOB’s Rescind Bulletin

The DOB took its annual axe to a host of bulletins, directives, and TPPNs. Techinical bulletins 2014-023 and 2014-024 summarize the outgoing codes.

Bulletin 2014-023 lists bulletins, TPPNs, and directives that only rescind prospectively, or for buildings under the 2014 Building Code. For a list of 2014-023’s rescinded codes click here.

Bulletin 2014-024 has far more reach. Items rescinded under 2014-024 affect properties under all building codes. See the table below for a list of rescinded codes under 2014-024 and their corresponding notes.

Rescinded Bulletins


Rescinded TPPPNs

Recinded TPPNs from the DOB, 2014

Rescinded Directives

Rescinded Directives from the DOB, 2014