Fire Alarms, Monoxide Alarms, and Gas Detectors – Oh My!

The new natural gas detector requirement is nothing to fear.

Shedding the Sheds: The Plan to Clear Sidewalk Construction

Almost 9,000 construction sheds decorate the streets of New York City, but this number might soon be drastically reduced.

The Sunny Future of Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining is here to stay, with some caveats.

Raise the Alarms: FDNY Updates Requirements for As-Built Riser Diagrams

Calling all contractors, engineers, and developers!

Revisiting Reinstatement Fees: DOB Announces Major Update

A recent service notice issued by the Department of Buildings (DOB)...

Pushing For Parking Safety: New Inspection Requirements for Parking Structures

The Department of Buildings (DOB) will require new special inspection...

Building a Better Future: Outsource Joins the NY Build 2024 Expo

Outsource Consultants and Outsource Special Inspections (OSI)...

Handling The Heat: Introducing Gas Heat Limitations

On January 1st, New York City launched a major milestone for green energy.

The Decoder Guide to 2022 Special Inspections

Another year of special inspections approaches!

Conversion Conversations: Upcoming Zoning Laws Could Simplify Office-to-Residential Conversions

Post-pandemic, New York is not the same city it once was.

A Fee Feast: DOB Increases Certain Fees in Time for the Holidays

Did you receive a fee recently that was larger than expected?

High Stakes: Will Zoning Changes Allow Casinos in NYC?

New York City may allow developers to build casinos in 2024—under certain conditions.

Construction Safety: New Initiatives to Prevent Fatal Overdoses in Construction

In response to the high rate of fatal overdoses in the construction industry...

Holiday Cheer and Construction Fear

Millions of New Yorkers and television-watchers anticipate NYC’s annual Thanksgiving parade...

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