The New Frontier: DOB Introduces Remote Video Inspections

New pilot program starts March 19, 2021 for select inspections and areas.

Change in Procedure: Minor Plan Changes Now Require Post-Approval Amendments

How will this affect your projects?

I have a restaurant in SoHo. Can I do outdoor grilling on the sidewalk in my outdoor seating area?

Especially at a time where outdoor dining is preferable to indoor...

3 Ways to Help You Manage Your NYC Building Projects Amid Agency Changes

Explore how this online dashboard tracks and resolves your critical building items.

Issuance and Renewal of COs migrating to DOB NOW: Build

Learn more on how to migrate Certificates of Occupancy from BIS.

a Façade! Increased Penalty Reminder for FISP-Eligible Buildings

Building owners beware – Outstanding façade issues from last inspection could result in a $2,000 fine.

Our project got an objection due to sustainable roofing...?

First, a brief rundown: As of November 15, 2019...

Local Law 191 Update: CO Detector Installation Extension

There’s still time for your commercial building to install code-approved carbon monoxide detectors.

Local Law 152: Gas Piping Inspections Deadline Extension

In order to accommodate delays from the pandemic, the deadline under Local Law 152...

We have a retail space on the first floor...?

Yes, this upgrade is required.

Introducing the Interim Certificate of Occupancy

What you need to know about the new type of TCO.

LL15 of 2020: A Brief Guide to Bird-Friendly Building Design

New mandates go into effect January 10, 2021

LL106 of 2019: New Tenant Protection Plan Requirements

Timeline changes, updated forms, and new standards for Registered Design Professionals go into effect on November 10.

Is the Holiday Construction Embargo still happening in 2020?

According to the NYC DOT’s recent announcement, yes.

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