Surprise Inspection: How to Prepare for New Safety Sweeps

On June 1, 2021, the NYC Department of Buildings announced...

It’s Electrifying! New Council Bill Hopes to Limit Use of Gas Heat

As of late May 2021, a new bill introduced in the New York City Council...

A Code of Their Own: NYC DOB Plans to Release Existing Building Code

Learn more about the DOB’s pioneering effort to better address existing building...

In the Zone: New Zoning Proposals for Accessibility and Health

In Spring 2021, several zoning changes to improve transit accessibility...

Redefining Moment: Proposed Local Laws Expand “Major Building” Status and Safety Requirements

How new construction safety laws may affect permits and approvals.

Don’t Blow Your Cap: Building Emissions Adjustment Deadline

Apply for altered 2024-2029 greenhouse gas emissions limits on your large building before July 2021.

Waste Not, Want Not: Adaptive Reuse of Closed Commercial Properties

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated existing trends in remote work...

For What It’s Earth

NYC Climate Code Updates and Energy Benchmark Deadline

Keeping House: New Penalties for Multiple Dwelling Violations

Certain violations after January 4, 2020 will hold up new permits for owners.

The New Frontier: DOB Introduces Remote Video Inspections

New pilot program starts March 19, 2021 for select inspections and areas.

Change in Procedure: Minor Plan Changes Now Require Post-Approval Amendments

How will this affect your projects?

I have a restaurant in SoHo. Can I do outdoor grilling on the sidewalk in my outdoor seating area?

Especially at a time where outdoor dining is preferable to indoor...

3 Ways to Help You Manage Your NYC Building Projects Amid Agency Changes

Explore how this online dashboard tracks and resolves your critical building items.

Issuance and Renewal of COs migrating to DOB NOW: Build

Learn more on how to migrate Certificates of Occupancy from BIS.

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