Air Quality Alert: Environmental Protection Agency Says NYC To Upgrade to “Severe” Smog Status

Permitting rules may become stricter for certain projects in New York City in the near future, due to a proposed air quality reclassification by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Changeup Pitch: Site Safety Updates for Summer 2022

New submission rules, construction superintendent limits, revoked training, and their potential impacts on your next project.


Beep, Beep! How New DOT Bus and Bike Lanes Could Affect Contractors

If you’re a contractor with active Department of Transportation permits in New York City, a couple of recently-announced DOT initiatives may impact your projects through at least the end of 2022.


Pride in Construction: New Bill Aims to Improve Conditions Across Sex and Gender Spectrum

A bill currently being debated by the New York City Council hopes to put a spotlight on the struggles – and potential solutions – for women, LGBTQ+, intersex, non-binary, and gender non-conforming workers in nontraditional careers, including those in construction.


How the 2022 NYC Construction Code Affects Upcoming Filings

See if and when your upcoming projects will be affected.


New NYC Special Inspections Site Launched, with Better Options to Get Special Inspections

New York, NY – Since 2012, Outsource Special Inspections (OSI) has been a trusted source for special inspections in New York City. Led by a senior team of knowledgeable, highly qualified professional engineers, OSI performs NYC Department of Buildings-certified inspections across New York City every day, covering over 600 clients.


A Look Back: The Top 5 Decoder Articles of 2021

Check out Decoder’s highlights from the past year.


Bridges & Tunnels: Infrastructure’s Impact on NYC Construction

Why construction professionals should care about the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, and what to do about it.


New Year, New Codes: Major Construction Code Updates for 2022

On October 7, 2021, the NYC Department of Buildings approved a major overhaul to the NYC Construction Code.


The Results Are In: Safety Sweeps Follow Up

Did the Zero Tolerance safety campaign get the outcome it wanted? What will it mean for the future?


A Brief Reprieve: Fee Waivers for Emergency Flood Damage Work

As of September 14, 2021, the NYC Department of Buildings will not require fees for filing and permits for Hurricane Ida-related damage.


Don’t Be Alarmed: FDNY Services Go Fully Digital

Be advised: As of September 7, 2021, all FDNY services must now be filed exclusively online.


Overall Overhaul: DOB Website Updates You May Have Missed

From redesigns to online license applications, here’s the latest on the NYC Buildings website.


Loosen Up: DOB Rescinds Mask Rules and Other COVID-19 Construction Rules

Learn what this means for NYC construction going forward.


Surprise Inspection: How to Prepare for New Safety Sweeps

On June 1, 2021, the NYC Department of Buildings announced a slew of unannounced site safety sweeps across the city.


Full Compliance SST Cards Now Required at Qualifying Job Sites

Permit holders liable for all workers who did not complete 40-hour training as of March 1, 2021.


3 Ways to Help You Manage Your NYC Building Projects Amid Agency Changes

Explore how this online dashboard tracks and resolves your critical building items.


Looming Deadlines

Take note of the new dates for license and permit deadlines.


Stop! In The Name of Covid

As non-essential construction has gotten back on its feet in the wake of New York’s phased reopening, DOB inspectors have been patient with site managers as the industry adjusted to the new site safety measures put in place to minimize the spread of COVID-19 among construction workers.


Bites and Barriers

How to Create Code-Compliant Temporary Outdoor Dining Seating Amid COVID-19 Crisis.


Looking Ahead: The Future of Construction in New York City

What will construction look like when the stop order is lifted?


All Hands on Deck: Emergency Work during COVID-19 Crisis

How to navigate filing for emergency staging and temporary hospital projects.


COVID-19 Hits NYC Construction

Navigating filing and construction in the midst of New York on PAUSE.


Looking to the Future: The 2020 NYC Energy Conservation Code

The new code will go into effect on May 12, 2020.


New Guidelines for Structural Applications

To BIS or to DOB NOW?


So You Want to Build on the Waterfront?

Your waterfront project may need permits from an unlikely source.


Don’t take this lightweight metal lightly

Special Considerations for Cold-Formed Steel Construction.


Worker Safety Training: New Sign Requirements and Upcoming Deadlines

Keep your workers posted before they miss their deadline.


Mandatory Sustainable Roofing Required for New Buildings and Enlargements.

What you need to know when Local Laws 92 & 94 go into effect.

Local Law 195 - Fire Alarm Applications

Local Law 195 - Fire Alarm Applications

If you're experiencing longer wait times for fire alarm application review, this could be the reason why.

Tick Tock…Your 20 Minutes Are Up!

Tick Tock…Your 20 Minutes Are Up!

Reduced plan exam appointments for Alteration Type 1 applications.


Are YOU ready for DOB Now?

Here is what you need to know, in a nutshell.


What Will the DOB Say About Construction Robots?

The launch of bricklaying robot SAM by Construction Robotics has caused rumblings that the end in nigh for human construction workers. SAM, short for semi-automated mason, can lay an astounding 3,000 bricks a day, six times more than the average human.


Work Without Permit Fees Increase

In its ongoing effort to increase construction safety, the DOB is increasing penalties for work without permit violations and stop work orders with a series of Local Laws.


Construction Safety Bill Increases Training

City Council passed its construction safety bill on September 27th, 2017. The bill makes additions to the Administrative and Building Codes to mandate worker safety training, creates a task force and imposes penalties for failure to comply.


Rise of the Superintendents

In another effort to improve construction safety, the DOB issued Local Law 81 of 2017 expanding the role of the construction superintendent. The DOB will be requiring construction superintendents on more job types while assigning them more responsibilities.


Injury Reporting Gets Detailed

The Department of Buildings recently implemented Local Law 78 of 2017 creating new guidelines for the reporting of injuries on construction sites. The law expands requirements for injury reporting in an effort to increase transparency in construction safety.


What is the Scaffold Law?

The Scaffold Law is a 1885 New York State Law the places liability on owners and contractors for injury stemming from the failure to provide scaffold safety protections required by building codes. In later years, the courts added the terms “strict” and “absolute” to liability, thus eliminating any ruling of shared liability between owner/contractor and injured worker.


Must Stop Working

In an effort to curtail the recent surge of construction injuries, the DOB has ramped up its stop work order issuances. Stop work order issuances increased three times faster than permit issuances from 2012-2016. Following approved plans and construction safety measures can prevent stop work orders.


Holiday Construction Embargo Begins Nov. 18

Fall is here and you know what that means. The DOT’s Holiday Construction Embargo! During the embargo, road and sidewalk construction is restricted on some New York streets.. Existing permits must have the permit stipulation 410 for construction to continue.


Walk This Way

There’s so much construction in New York that simply walking around Manhattan can feel like an obstacle course. Sidewalks are strewn with construction fences, sidewalk sheds and the notorious temporary pedestrian walkways.


DOB to Improve Construction Safety

The DOB announced its plan to improve construction safety in New York. The plan includes a major increase in construction related safety penalties, a 90-day construction sweep through ongoing construction sites and the requirement of a new onsite construction superintendent.


The Dukes of Structural Hazard

The Building Department now requires special inspectors to be responsible for reporting hazardous conditions. Citing 1 RCNY101-06 Section (b) (9), Buildings Bulletin 2016-006 obligates special inspections agencies to report hazardous conditions and inspection discrepancies to construction teams for correction. If issues are not corrected, building owners must be informed. In the case of urgent hazards, special inspectors are expected to call 911.