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If a Technical Report is signed by one Professional Engineer (P.E.) can a different P.E. sign off on the inspection without having to undo the first one?

When an engineer submits a Technical Report identifying for the responsibility of performing a Special and/or Progress Inspection, that engineer will need to submit a separate Technical Report (upon completion of his or her inspections) certifying that the inspection has been completed.  If for any reason, the engineer originally identified as responsible for the inspection does not perform the inspection and the inspection is performed by another/new engineer, three things need to happen:

  1. The original engineer will need to submit a Technical Report formally withdrawing responsibility from inspection.
  2. The new engineer will need to submit a Technical Report taking responsibility of the required inspection.
  3. Once the inspection has been completed, the new engineer will need to submit a Technical Report certifying the completion of the inspection. 

What happens if the original P.E. is no longer with the company and we are unable to have them withdraw?

The owner will need to provide a letter stating that the original P.E. is no longer available and that they are being superseded by the new P.E. for the purpose of performing the inspections.  The new P.E. will still need to submit a set of Technical Reports for the identification of responsibility of the inspection and a separate Technical Report for the certification of the completed inspections (once the inspection process has been finalized). 

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