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I have a 2-family house in Brooklyn built in 1900. Is it required to have a sprinkler system?

Depending upon the residence’s design and the access it provides for firefighting operations, sprinklers and other Fire Department approval may be required. In this specific instance, according to NYC 2014 Building Code Section BC 903, sprinklers are not required in detached one and two-family dwellings 3 stories or less in height (903.2.8 Group R Exception).

What if we have plans to renovate?

Sprinkler requirements are not retroactive, (except for high-rise office buildings) so a minor renovation would not require a new sprinkler system. However, if the above exemption does not apply, then sprinklers could be required for major renovations like an addition or new building use, such as an occupied basement, but would only be required in those areas, not the entire house.

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