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Penalty Waivers Go Digital

Get ready for a big change in how you fill out L2 forms

As of July 1, 2019, the DOB Now: Build online tool is the only way for those with Work Without a Permit Violations to request for overrides, reductions, or waivers.

Like with an earlier announcement that mechanical, plumbing, sprinkler and structural applications would be migrating to the DOB Now platform, this more recent update signals that the DOB wants to make their system as virtual as possible.

This change will make it more convenient for those accused of working without a permit to start appealing their case faster and more conveniently, as they can submit paperwork to the portal instead of going down to the Department of Buildings.

But, as with any new technology, there's always a learning curve, so make sure to account for the extra time.

Here's how to do it.

Other than LAA (Limited Alteration Applications) filings, those who wish to file an L2 will need to click “Request L2” from the Filing Action column on the DOB Now dashboard. They can then fill out the L2 on the computer with the same information as on the paper version.

As before, a waiver request can only be submitted by:

  • The owner specified on the associated filing
  • The Applicant of Record on the associated filing
  • Any licensed Professional Engineer (PE) or Registered Architect (RA)
  • Any DOB licensee
  • Any Class II Filing Representative

The DOB Now version of the L2 will also provide places to attach the necessary documents you would normally submit with a paper L2, such as a copy of the violation, photographs, deeds, receipts of paid civil penalties, etc. Make sure to have digital copies of these on hand when filling out the form.

Any payments required, on the other hand, must be submitted in person. In addition, L2s filed before July 1 and all LAA filings will need to submit a scan of a hard copy L2 form.

Check out our full breakdown of DOB Now, and contact us if you have any questions.