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We are in the design phase for a new building in a high-traffic area in NYC. We anticipate occupying the adjacent parking lane for construction use, as well as replacing the sidewalk on one side. What DOT permits would be needed and what will we need to file for these permits?

While the specifics of your project and area would need to be looked at, based on your description you will likely need NYC DOT permits for lane occupancy, sidewalk occupancy, sidewalk replacement, heavy equipment, and construction barricades.

First and foremost, in order to file, you will need to be, or hire, a registered contractor. Only contractors registered with NYC DOT Permit Management can file and obtain sidewalk and roadway permits. For a new NYC DPT Contractor registration, insurances and an application must be filed for NYC DOT review.

If you already have a contractor for this project but they are not registered with NYC DOT, they will only be able to file the necessary permits once they have been registered.

In addition, since you say this is a new building, all new building projects requiring sidewalk and roadway permits need to file staging drawings with the NYC DOT, and will need to schedule a meeting with the Department to discuss the logistics of the project required.

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