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New Special Inspections to Rollout in 2015

Architects, engineers, contractors, and inspectors need to familiarize themselves with the new special inspections debuting with the 2014 Building Code that rolls out on December 31, 2014. Here are some of those new special inspections.

Structural Steel – Details  BC – 1704.3.2

This special inspection isn’t new as much as it makes the periodic inspection of certain steel frame joint details mandatory. These details include bracing, stiffening, placement, and connection application.

Helical pile foundations  BC – 1704.8.5

Section 1704.8 of the 2014 building code greatly expanded the inspection of foundations. This includes the continuous inspection of helical pile foundations. Equipment used, pile dimensions, tip elevations, final depth, final installation torque and other pertinent installation must be inspected.

Vertical Masonry Foundation Elements – BC – 1704.9

Masonry construction has been expanded to include the inspection of vertical masonry foundation elements. Exceptions include piers for lightweight structures such as fences and recreational equipment.

Mastic and Intumescent Fire-resistant Coatings – BC 1704.12

The 2014 Building Code adds mastic and intumescent fire-resistant coatings to its fire safety inspections. Wherever these coatings are applied they must be inspected according to AWCI 12-B.

Raising and Moving of a Building – BC 1704.20.5

Raising and moving of a building is part of the expansion of the the Structural Stability section of the building code in light of Hurricane Sandy. This new code mandates periodic inspection while the building is moved, lifted, or elevated.

Post-installed Anchors – BC 1704.32

The 2014 Building Code includes the periodic inspection of post-installed anchors. The new code specifies post-installed, adhesive, and screw anchors are to be inspected when installed in hardened concrete, masonry, and stone.

Chapter 17 of the 2014 Building Code can be found here.