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Looming Deadlines

Take note of the new dates for license and permit deadlines.

Let’s be honest – it’s been a strange year.

So many things have been up in the air in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic hitting New York – including license and permit expiration dates for various types of projects.

Here are the new dates below, so check your calendars:

Original (Pre-COVID 19) Expiration Dates Final Extension Date
March 12, 2020 - March 31, 2020 September 30, 2020
April 1, 2020 - April 30, 2020 October 31, 2020
May 1, 2020 - May 31, 2020 November 30, 2020
June 1, 2020 - June 30, 2020 December 31, 2020
July 1, 2020 - August 6, 2020 January 31, 2021

Please note that any registrations originally (pre-Covid) due on or after August 7, 2020 will keep those original due dates.

A few additional things you need to know:

  • All required insurance policies must be maintained during the extended period.
  • The expiration of licenses/registrations affects permit expiration dates, so licenses and registrations must be renewed prior to renewing permits.
  • On the next renewal, licenses/registrations expiration dates will be based on their original expiration dates, not the adjusted ones.
  • Licensees/registrants are subject to all application requirements, and must satisfy all requirements for renewal before submitting their application.
  • Permits last filed in DOB NOW: Build must continue to be renewed in DOB NOW.
  • For anything filed in Buildings Information System (BIS), permit renewals with no change must be submitted in eFiling. Permit renewals with change (including permits that require an L2) must be dropped off at the relevant borough office.

So, if you are eligible and can satisfy the relevant requirements at this time, the DOB recommends you immediately get going on your application process.

Please refer to for more information on the renewal requirements. If you need assistance with your license and registration applications to get them in before your deadline, feel free to talk to us at Outsource Consultants.