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It’s Crunch Time! Are you Fully sprinklered yet?

Final reports demonstrating compliance with Local Law 26 of 2004 shall be submitted on or before July 1 st , 2019. Depending on the specific building conditions, this your friendly reminder to get your ducks in a row and submit the necessary reports or request an extension in order to avoid non-compliance LL26/04 violations.

Local Law 26 of 2004 was enacted to implement additional building safety systems and amend applicable Building and Fire Code provisions for existing high-rise buildings. According to Local Law 26 of 2004 – Summary Provisions , the following safety systems shall be triggered, retroactively, for high-rise office buildings:

  • Automatic Sprinkler system
  • Photoluminescent Markings
  • Additional exit signage
  • Exit Sign power Source

As required by the Department of Buildings, affidavits and field reports prepared by a licensed architect or engineer shall be submitted demonstrating progress and compliance in accordance with Local Law 26 of 2004. Such compliance reports shall be submitted and recorded pursuant to Building Bulletin 2017-017.

  • July 1st 2005: Owners affidavit acknowledging LL26/04 requirements
  • July 1st, 2011: 7-year report certifying percentage of building containing sprinklers and implementation plan
  • July 1st, 2018: 14-year report certifying percentage of building contain sprinklers and implementation plan
  • July 1st, 2019: Final report containing certification that the building is fully compliant with LL26/04

Licensed RA or PE certifying the final report indicating status of compliance with sprinkler requirements shall complete Attachment A – Local Law 26/04 wherein section 7 shall state the level of compliance including applicable local law as shown below. In addition, for buildings required to comply with LL 26/04, a list of signed-off sprinkler applications shall be included in the report.

Depending on the specific building conditions and upon coordination with the licensed RA/PE filing the final report for compliance, a CCD1 may be necessary to demonstrate legal existing conditions and applicable waiver of LL 26/04 compliance. Such CCD1 shall consider LL 05/73 requirements, at minimum and/or any alterations made to comply with 2014 Building Code, if applicable.

Automatic Sprinkler system

According to section 27-929.1, existing office buildings 100 feet or more in height classified in occupancy group “E” (1968 BC) shall be fully sprinklered. Per LL 26/04, 2014 Building Codes and Building Bulletin 2011-19, sprinklered buildings and/or spaces shall require inspection and sign-off of sprinkler scope in order to be considered “compliant” with applicable laws and regulations.

Exemptions to local law 26/04 per Building Bulletin 2011-19.

  • Existing high-rise office buildings erected after 1984 shall not be subject to the provisions of LL 26/04 as such high-rise office buildings are required to be fully sprinklered in accordance with 1968 Building Code and/or 2014 Building Codes, where applicable.
  • Existing high-rise office buildings erected prior-to 1984 shall fully comply with retroactive provisions of LL 26/04. However, if any such building voluntarily installed an automatic sprinkler system or elected to install sprinklers in accordance with LL 05/73, such buildings may be exempt from LL 26/04 compliance.