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Hub to Lose Executive Director

The tenure of  Development Hub Executive Director Edwin Tang on September 30, 2014. Mr. Tang leaves behind a remarkable legacy at the DOB. He was instrumental in rolling out the Development Hub and overseeing its operations. His departure comes at a time when the Hub is experiencing a massive influx of job applications before the 2014 Building Code takes effect.

In the interim, Executive Tang’s responsibilities have been delineated to the following individuals.

Build it Back Program:  Applications Director Lisa Amoia

NB/A1 (Development Hub):  Chief Nashat Atalla

A2/A3 (Hub Full Service):  Assistant Chief Plan Examiner Barry Stein

Zoning or ZRD1s Senior Zoning: Specialists David Aigner and Kellie Lewis

CCD1s: Building Code Specialists Shauqat Shaikh and Damian Titus