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Get Ready For Inspection Ready

The DOB is preparing for its Inspection Ready launch by inviting licensees and building owners to register onto the the portal. The launch of Inspection Ready coheres with the technological overhaul the DOB seeks to undergo as part of its Building One City program.

Licensed professionals, registered architects and professional engineers were sent an invitation email to Inspection Ready. Setting up an account on the portal is as easy as following through the instructions on the email.

Once Inspection Ready launches, building owners will be able to review their inspection results by using the email they provided on PW-1 forms.

Inspection Ready will allow licensees, architects and engineers to schedule inspections through a portal. The current means of scheduling inspections requires sending an email or making a phone call. A reply to an email request for inspection could take days. Inspection Ready aims quicken up the scheduling process as well and the reporting of results. The DOB will equip inspectors with tablets to use in the field. Tablets will allow inspection data to be entered instantly by the inspector instead of the current method, which has inspectors transcribing data from handwritten form into a digital format.

If you are a licensee or design applicant and have not received the Inspection Ready email invitation, or would like to change the email on fle, send an email to

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