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A Faster Approach: DOB NOW No Longer Requires HPD Permit for Buildings Flagged Outside of MIH Zone

Learn about the new process for getting your MIH-flagged project approved.

The NYC Department of Buildings has recently stated that applicants for new and Alt-1 building permits whose buildings were incorrectly flagged in a Mandatory Inclusionary Housing zone are not required to submit a Permit Notice to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD).

New Building and Alt-1 projects in MIH zones that contain more than 10 apartments are required to provide a certain percentage of affordable housing. Thus, they must submit a Permit Notice (when prior to permit) and Completion Notice (when prior to sign-off) to the HPD as part of their Required Documents in DOB: NOW.

However, BIS sometimes flags buildings outside these zones. This can cause applicants to file unnecessary paperwork or wait for a waiver request to go through.

Now, in place of a waiver request, the DOB instead asks that applicants upload a New York City Zoning and Land Use (ZoLa) map printout proving that the building lies outside an MIH zone to satisfy the requirement in DOB: NOW, simplifying the process.

In order to find your map, or to check if your building was incorrectly flagged:

  1. 1. Enter the building address in the ZoLa search box.
  2. 2. Under Supporting Zoning Layers, select “Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Areas.” This will highlight MIH zones near your building address.

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