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Overall Overhaul: DOB Website Updates You May Have Missed

From redesigns to online license applications, here’s the latest on the NYC Buildings website.

The Department of Buildings has slowly been building its online resources as it moves many of its filing processes online to the DOB Now platform. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this process, making it easier for the construction industry to stay active and socially distant.

Now, in August 2021, the DOB launched a newly redesigned version of its website under NYC Buildings banner. This is the first time the site has been overhauled since 2016.

The redesign, along with other recent additions, aims to make it easier for property owners, business owners, and industry professionals to navigate and find the information they need.

Here’s what you may have missed:

License Applications Go Online

Over on DOB NOW, beginning September 7, 2021, applications for new Department of Buildings-issued licenses/registrations are required to be submitted online. As of August 20, 2021, paper applications are no longer accepted.

The list of 17 types of licenses and registrations covered include:

  • Contractor
  • Construction Superintendent
  • Filing Representative
  • Master Plumber
  • Site Safety Coordinator/Manager

This is a big change in processes, so if you have a new license to apply for in the near future, be prepared for a learning curve.


Additions to the NYC Buildings website include a new Service Levels Tracker page, with estimates on how long certain filing processes will take, as well as a separate Sustainable Buildings website and newsletter. As more and more legislation regarding energy efficiency and sustainable construction comes out, this will provide a central hub for professionals to reference.

New Safety Report for 2019-2020

The DOB also recently released the first multiyear safety report on their site, covering accidents and fatalities in both 2019 and 2020.

The aim is to track safety trends over a longer period and see if the legislation put in place by the Department the past few years is having the intended effect. This report, and future multiyear analyses, may influence future site safety legislation, as well as ongoing and future enforcement sweeps.

Trends observed include a combined 36% decrease in construction-related incidents from 2018 to 2020. Altogether, the modernization of NYC Buildings is well underway. To continue to stay on top of DOB and industry changes, subscribe to the Decoder newsletter. For code consultation for your next project, please reach out to Outsource Consultants.



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