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The New Frontier: DOB Introduces Remote Video Inspections

New pilot program starts March 19, 2021 for select inspections and areas.

Across the country and around the world, Covid-19 has pushed building department inspections into the virtual realm. Even the International Code Council has recognized the need and published best practices for remote virtual inspections.

Now, the New York City DOB is rolling out a pilot program to test the viability of remote video inspections for the five boroughs. The DOB is looking to identify operational challenges and address any new processes needed to provide long-term, widespread use.

From March 19-April 30, 2021, the DOB will open up RVIs voluntarily for applicants with upcoming inspections in the following areas:

  • Construction Final Inspections in Staten Island
  • Rescission of Stop Work Orders issued for Construction Work Without Permit in Brooklyn

If you fall into one of the eligible categories, here’s how to get onboard.

How to Schedule an RVI

While eligible applicants and owners will likely be presented with the RVI option when the inspection in question is requested, they can also be proactive by requesting participation themselves:

  • Staten Island - Construction Final Inspections (CO-NB-ALT1 Inspection Up To 3 Total Levels)
    When scheduling your inspection in DOB NOW: Inspections, add “remote” or “remote inspection” in the comments field and upload the DOB RVI Request and Attestation form in the “Additional Supporting Documents” section.
  • Brooklyn - Rescission of Stop Work Orders issued for Construction Work Without Permit
    When you email Brooklyn Construction Enforcement ( to schedule your inspection, include a completed DOB RVI Request and Attestation form and all supporting documentation.

Once the request is received and approved, the DOB will send an email invitation to authorized attendees with a scheduled date and time. This can be cancelled by the Department or the attendee, with notification.

Requirements & Procedures

The DOB will be conducting all RVIs over Microsoft Teams for the time being. This app can be downloaded for free on any smart device.

Applicants will need the following at the time of inspection:

  • Reliable internet connection or data throughout the entire property.
  • A device with a camera.
  • Adequate lighting, a tape measure, and any associated documents, including approved plans.

We now turn it over to you:

For assistance on inspections, updates, and more, feel free to reach out to us at Outsource Consultants.