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A Fee Feast: DOB Increases Certain Fees in Time for the Holidays

Did you receive a fee recently that was larger than expected? A new update to the 2022 Construction Code by the Department of Buildings (DOB) has introduced increased fees for certain reports and applications.

This December, the DOB instituted fee changes to Letters of No Objection (LNO)/Letters of Verification (LOV), Ordinary Plumbing Work Reports, and temporary use letter renewals. All fees, previously $100, have been raised to $130. This update arrives a year after initial filing fees and subsequent filing fees for new buildings, permit renewal fees, and energy source equipment-related fees were all increased the same amount.

LNOs and LOVs

If no Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is available for your building, or if your building has a different use than is listed on the CO, you may be issued a Letter of No Objection or Letter of Verification. As of 12/4/23, the fee for LNOs and LOVs has been increased from $100 to $130. This change does not apply to one-, two-, or three-person homes. Payments must be made in person at your borough’s DOB office.

This fee will affect multi-property owners the most, especially if the properties in question are undergoing renovations. LNO/LOV fees can add up on a large scale, considering how important of an application they are.

Ordinary Plumbing Work Reports

The OP128: Ordinary Plumbing Work Report fee will increase from $100 to $130, as of 12/4/23.

Another frequently submitted form, the OP128 documents the details of ordinary plumbing work. Payments and form submissions must be mailed or delivered in person to the DOB Manhattan Borough Office. If you have already delivered the check for this form, but it was received on or after December 4, it will be returned.

Temporary Use Letter Renewals

The final applications to be affected are temporary use letter renewals. Unlike the other fees, however, the initial cost of filing these applications will remain at $100, while the fee for each additional 30-day period will be raised to $130.

If you are looking to obtain a temporary use permit for your building, make sure to keep these adjusted prices in mind.

While building code and zoning changes may seem overwhelming, they don’t have to be. The experts at Outsource Consultants, Inc. are prepared to help you navigate any upcoming fees in the new year. See the resources below for more information on these changes.