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DOB Gets Serious About Energy Compliance

The DOB released two memos declaring intent to increase penalties for Energy Code violations.

The first memo concerns energy compliance during the construction process. The DOB plans to issue violations that can escalate into class 2 ECB violations, which require proof of a remedy and may carry hefty fines.

During construction, DOB inspectors will scrutinize Energy Code installations such as insulation, windows and lighting with the authorization to issue violations included the dreaded Stop Work Order. Besides being costly, Stop Work Orders prolong construction and may be difficult to remedy. Lingering violations can also forestall the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

The DOB also announced its plans to issue violations to building owners who fail to benchmark as required by Local Law 84. Owners who fail to file a complete benchmarking report on time will be fined $500.

To find out if benchmarking is required in your building, read our article here.

These actions by the DOB arrive on the heels of a comprehensive sustainability agenda that seeks to reduce building energy consumption. Roughly 75 percent of New York City’s greenhouse gas emissions derive from energy used in buildings, twice the national average.

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