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DOB Releases New Bathroom Prototypes

The DOB released new bathroom prototypes as Rule 1101-01. These prototypes serve as accessibility alternatives for buildings undergoing renovation and occupied on or before March 13, 1991. Buildings that cannot implement the prototypes are subject to the current accessibility standards for bathrooms, outlined in Chapter 11 of the 2014 Building Code.

Prior to the 2014 code, multiple dwellings with bathrooms undergoing renovations were not required to abide by current accessibility standards unless the building was going through a use change.

Here is how a building can utilize the new bathroom prototypes in lieu of the accessibility requirements of Chapter 11:

  1. The building must be originally occupied before March 13, 1991.
  2. The value of the alteration of the portion of the building must not exceed 50% of the value of the entire building. (Building Code Section 1101.3.2)
  3. The bathroom in question must have a minimum number of three fixtures including one lavatory, one water closet and either a bathtub or shower. (ANSI A117.1-1986)

Here are the new prototypes that accompany Building Code Section 1101.3.2 2.1:

Option 1: Front entry, door hinged left side

DOB bath prototypes figure 2

Option 2: Front entry, door hinged right side

DOB bath prototypes figure 3

Option 3: Right side entry

DOB bath prototypes figure 4

Option 4: Existing powder room

DOB bath prototypes powder room


For buildings originally occupied after March 13, 1991, there is a waiver option outlined in BC 1101.3.5. The commissioner may waive the bathroom accessibility provided a safe, viable alternative is proposed. Applicants must have a valid reason to apply for the waiver. Reasons range from economic hardship, physical impossibility among others.

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