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Paper-Free: Determination Requests to Launch on DOB NOW: Build

This month marks a notable change to the Department of Building’s filing system. Beginning October 30, Determination requests will be submitted in DOB NOW: Build, the DOB’s public online portal.

The determinations affected by this change include the following:

  • Construction Codes Determination (CCD1)
  • Zoning Resolution Determination (ZRD1)
  • Second review of plan examination objections

Previously, these requests would have been filed in the Buildings Information System (BIS) or the DOB NOW portal through a digital or paper submission, but paper forms and requests submitted by email will no longer be accepted post-October 30th. Requests submitted prior to October 30th, however, will continue under the former process and do not need to be refiled.

Electrical Special Permission requests will also be unaffected until further notice. Continue to submit these requests using the current paper CCD1 process.

From Paper to Portal

Throughout the past year, the DOB has altered the filing processes of many different applications to be fully online, including Full Demolition (FD) jobs and Periodic Inspection of Parking Structure (PIPS) Compliance Reports. DOB NOW also introduced new online payment methods, allowing for PayPal and Venmo transactions. These changes indicate a larger shift to digital filing as paper becomes more obsolete.

Fully digital filing and transactions allow for greater convenience and efficiency, but the new process may feel overwhelming as the system continues to change. Since DOB NOW’s launch in 2015, the DOB has been working towards a paper-free future, which may be closer than expected. We recommend familiarizing yourself with DOB NOW, if you’re not comfortable using the portal already, to avoid unexpected confusion or delays in the future.

How to Submit

After opening the DOB NOW portal, you can submit filing and applications on DOB NOW: Build by logging into your eFiling account and then selecting +Determinations. The fee for a CCD1 or ZRD1 request is $1000 and will be paid in the portal. For appeals of CCD1 Or ZRD1 Determinations, the fee is $2500.

Requests for second reviews of plan examination objections will also be submitted in DOB NOW: Build, but the process differs depending on whether the objection was issued by a plan examiner on a DOB NOW job, or on a BIS job. To submit a request for a DOB NOW job, go to job filing and select Second Review of Objection under Select Action. For BIS, select +Requests, then Second Review of Objection, and enter the BIS job number.

For more assistance with Determinations, zoning, or building code-related issues, reach out to the experts at