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I want to host a large corporate event in NYC and understand I need a TPA. How do I go about getting this before the event?

If your large event is expected to have 75+ people indoors or 200+ people outdoors for less than 30 days somewhere outside of a Place of Assembly, then yes, you will need to apply for a Temporary Place of Assembly (TPA) permit. This is also known as the Temporary Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation (TPACO).

First, you need to apply by creating a job filing on DOB NOW: Build.

The DOB must receive and approve an Application Letter requesting a TPA from a Registered Design Professional (RDP), either a Registered New York State Architect or a Licensed Professional Engineer. You will also need to submit drawings specifying the layout, scopes of work for certain temporary structures, fire protection details, exit signs, emergency lighting, ADA accessibility, fireguards, and other relevant information.

This requires a $250 minimum fine. However, if you try to file 10 business days or fewer before the event, $100 will be added for each day after the cutoff (e.g. If you submit it 7 days before the event, you’ll have $300 added to the fine) and you risk not having the project approved in time.

We at Outsource suggest starting the permitting process at least 30 days before the event. This will allow time for filing, approval, and any necessary inspections – all TPAs are subject to inspection by the FDNY at any time throughout the given event’s preparation and duration.

For more on how to get your next event or gathering approved for a TPA, feel free to reach out to the experts at Outsource Consultants.



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