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Local Law 191 Update: CO Detector Installation Extension

There’s still time for your commercial building to install code-approved carbon monoxide detectors.

In order to accommodate delays from the pandemic, the deadline under Local Law 191 of 2018 for commercial buildings to install carbon monoxide detectors has been extended from January 1, 2021 to July 1, 2021. This extra six months will hopefully give building owners enough time to catch up and install the new equipment on time.

LL191 requires existing commercial buildings with fuel-burning appliances and fire protection systems in Group A-1, A-2, A-3, B, or M occupancies to install carbon monoxide detectors by July 1, 2021. This includes:

  • Indoor public assembly spaces (other than indoor sporting arenas, which fall under A-4).
  • Office spaces, including certain libraries and educational facilities.
  • Restaurants (since they can fall under either public assembly and Group B).
  • Stores, including department stores, drug stores and other retailers.

(For more information, please see our previous article on CO detectors.)

According to New York City Council Member Robert E. Cornegy, “we need to do a better job preventing death by carbon monoxide poisoning, but we must also make accommodations for building owners during the pandemic. […] The ultimate goal must be public safety, not collecting penalties and not eroding the equity building owners have built by imposing unreasonable gotcha fines.”

Since carbon monoxide detectors fall under Fire Protection Systems, you’ll have to file a fire alarm application with the FDNY through their FDNY Business portal. FDNY review timing is estimated at 8-10 weeks for completion of initial reviews, plus 8-10 weeks for resubmissions in case of objections.

Please check if your building falls under the new requirements and get started on filing today. If you need assistance with filing in compliance with the new requirements, please reach out to us at Outsource Consultants.