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Building Etiquette

As expected, Department of Buildings Commissioner Rick Chandler released a Code of Conduct memo outlining the rules and regulations for industry professionals.

The memo primarily addresses matters of impropriety by design applicants. Chief among these misdeeds is bribery, be it a large amount of money or “flowers, candy, meals or other consumable items.” The memo highlights matters of honesty and integrity on behalf of design applicants. Falsifying documents and other matters of fraud are addressed, as are other offenses related to professionalism. The use of profanity in conducting business with any Department of Buildings representative is punishable.

The Code of Conduct memo seeks to streamline the filing process by requiring applicants to attend and be prepared for meetings with plan examiners. Failure to confirm or cancel an appointment with a plan examiner is punishable.

Administrative Code Section 28-401.19 gives the Department the authority to enforce the transgressions laid out in the Code of Conduct.

To see the Department of Building’s Code of Conduct click here.

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