What’s Going on in Gowanus?: The New Special Gowanus Mixed Use District

How your Brooklyn filings will be affected and how you can take advantage.

Pride in Construction: New Bill Aims to Improve Conditions Across Sex and Gender Spectrum

A bill currently being debated by the New York City Council...

City of Yes: New NYC Zoning Amendments for Growth and Sustainability

On June 1, 2022, three citywide zoning amendments were announced...

Aw, Rats! New Bill Could Make Pest Control a Permit Requirement

Find out what types of projects could be affected.

How the 2022 NYC Construction Code Affects Upcoming Filings

See if and when your upcoming projects will be affected.

Weigh In: Zoning Diagrams Now Open for Public Challenge through DOB NOW

It is now easier than ever for the public to weigh in on certain New Building...

Status Update: 2021 NYC Construction Safety Report Tracks Site Safety Progress

In March 2022, the NYC DOB released their second-annual Construction...

Can You Dig It? NYC DEP Permit Required for All Work Disturbing 20,000 Square Feet of Soil

In the interest of stormwater protection, certain construction projects...

Did You Hand in Your Report? New Penalties for Failure to File Sprinkler Report

As of January 1, 2022, office building owners who have not filed a sprinkler report...

A Faster Approach: DOB NOW No Longer Requires HPD Permit for Buildings Flagged Outside of MIH Zone

Learn about the new process for getting your MIH-flagged project approved.

Legally Binding: New Project Labor Agreement Requirement for Large-Scale Federal Construction

Under Executive Order from February 4, 2022, Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) will be required...

More Hurdles for Building Owners: DOB Denying Energy Efficiency Reports Due to Outstanding Violations

As of December 31, 2021, the NYC Department of Buildings no longer accepts Energy Efficiency Reports...

Heating Up: Local Law 154 of 2021 Brings Phased-In Gas Heat Restrictions

New buildings will need alternative heating by as early as 2024. Learn more about the new law.

New NYC Special Inspections Site Launched, with Better Options to Get Special Inspections

New York, NY – Since 2012, Outsource Special Inspections (OSI) has been a trusted source for special inspections...

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